Reviews and Comments

In my early sixties, I came to Tenchikan Dojo to study Seibukan jujutsu. I know that is a bit late in life to take up a physically demanding training regimen but I am glad I did. Kyoshi Mike Sauders has guided me on a path that has helped me grow both mentally and physically. Now I can do things that I had never before been able to do in my life. Seibukan is not only a self-defense art but also one of mental and physical movement. To keep going, not only in different directions but also with greater awareness to my surroundings is a lesson I have learned. Besides, it is a great workout.

Our dojo may be small but the students and instructors are all relaxed and friendly. High standards are expected and taught in a manner that is more guidance than browbeating. There is always time for that extra little bit of help or practice if needed.

Would I recommend Tenchikan Dojo? Of course. Come to view a class on some Saturday and watch young and old (ouch) mix it up on the mat! This is fun for all in a non-intimidating environment.
Yes, you can learn to take a high-fall at age 63!

Training at Seibukan Jujutsu of Washington Tenchikan Dojo is one of the greatest decisions I have ever made! I had practiced martial arts a bit during my teenage years and now, at over 30 years old, it was calling me back. I had my doubts, worried that I was too old to begin training again, not to mention that I was not in tip-top shape. I scoured Tacoma for training possibilities and visited many of them, but my doubts lingered. After visiting Tenchikan Dojo and speaking with the head instructor, Mike Sauders - Kyoshi, I decided to give it a shot.

Kyoshi Sauders displayed patience and understanding while teaching me precise and practical techniques. He instilled a confidence in me and took me from an uncertain white belt to helping me achieve one of my life-long dreams of becoming a black belt. The quality of training I have received has exceeded my expectations in every way. Everyone at the dojo has been supportive in my journey and I am pleased to think that it has only just begun. No longer am I the uncertain and out-of-shape man that I was when I first stepped foot into the dojo, having reaped all the health benefits, mental and physical, that the training provides. I am extremely excited about what the future holds for me at Seibukan Jujutsu of Washington Tenchikan Dojo.