Martial Arts Schools Tacoma
Mike Sauders - Hanshi - Dojo Cho and Chief Instructor

“A Practical Martial Art For The Modern Day Warrior”

Welcome to Seibukan Jujutsu and the Tacoma Budokan. There are many reasons people choose to train in a martial art. These reasons include personal protection, improved co-ordination, increased self-confidence, expanded awareness, development of intuition, physical fitness, and the desire for a discipline to adopt as a way of life.

In Seibukan Jujutsu we enjoy the exploration of movements, attitudes, principles, and self-defense training which can keep us from harm in time of danger.

In this way we learn about our capabilities for courage, power, speed, and timing. We also learn that we can overcome many obstacles as we develop our ability to make clear decisions and take appropriate action in order to protect life and experience self-empowerment.

This art is a practical self-defense system. We experience confidence and security through the effectiveness of our techniques. Seibukan Jujutsu is a shared learning experience where students learn to redirect the energy of an attacker, and to immobilize him by applying joint techniques, pressure points, and using natural movements.

Our daily practice of Awareness, Assessment, and appropriate Action in the dojo is reflected in all aspects of our life. When we take action we always keep in mind the philosophy of No Challenge, No Resistance, and No Injury.

Our goal is to help you reach and live your highest potential as a martial artist.

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